V1.05 semi-release available for download

November 17, 2013 in Announcement by Arvid

Hello everyone,

I updated the tool to version 1.05. I noticed when loading the converted DNGs to Lightroom they were treated as normal M8 DNG files messing up the colors. Now the camera model in the exifs is changed to “M8RAW Digital Camera” which surprises Lightroom so that it uses the embedded color matrix.

Additionally I got hold of an M9 color matrix and thought it’d be interesting to embed those. You can try this yourself…

Linux version is fixed now, there have been problems first with the tar.gz file (now zip) and second with 32/64-bit version. So I will from now on publish both.

Have fun and don’t forget to tell me if it’s working!



PS: Those of you using the droplets: don’t forget to update the parameters if you want to use the new -c option!