V1.2beta available for download, many fixes + new features

February 21, 2014 in Uncategorized by Arvid

next version is there for you to test! And I think it’s a good one…

I am sure that I finally solved the magenta/cyan shadows problem. It’s gone for good… At least in the 1.5k+ images I have here to test it on.

You can have your vertical lines fixed








Also the background levels, i.e. the dark field of the sensor can be equalized and flattened for better images with low brightness.

The tool takes now also standard M8 DNGs to add the lens data, the aperture and some other stuff to the exifs. That means you can fix your apertures and even assign the correct data for your third-party lenses (Zeiss, Voigtländer, etc.) And you can fix that on all of your DNG images that you did in 8bit, too. Additionally you can have the darkfield and the lines (if there are any) fixed, too.

It’s still in beta though, so expect it to behave, well, let’s say unpredictable from time to time. As I cannot test all the different situations you put it up to, I thought it best to let you have a little bit of fun with it. Please tell me, if there are bugs or problems.

Happy testing,