by Arvid

Basic documentation + site restructuring is done!

February 23, 2014 in Announcement by Arvid


I managed to redo much of the documentation. And I changed the website structure a little bit.

The usage of the tool and its parameters are described quite well now, there is a FAQ (that will get more entries with time) and you find a lot of the stuff you need to know and understand to work efficiently with m8raw2dng. The documentation covers the features of the new v1.2beta, so you have to download that first to get some of the new capabilities and fixes…

I hope you like it and comments, suggestions as well as constructive criticism is welcome!


by Arvid

V1.1 available for download + Magenta shadows fix + lens exif database + new Windows droplet

November 20, 2013 in Announcement, Mac, Windows by Arvid


I’ve been busy and I am proud to announce the next version of M8raw2dng!

I have managed to correct the magenta color cast in shadow areas and for higher ISO settings. Now the images should show the correct colors (except for very extreme image situations).

As I mainly use a Voigtländer Nokton 35/1.2 (coded as 35/1.4 Summilux-Asph) I was always annoyed that Lightroom doesn’t show the correct lens name and that the guesstimated aperture doesn’t know which values I can select with that lens.

So I added the feature to use a lens database where the relevant information can be stored. You can call it with the parameter -l. The database file is called lensdb.ini and should be located at the same place as the executable. I put my lens and a 50 cron in the file so that you can see how it works (self explaining). It’d be nice if you can send me your updated lensdb files so that I can put the information together… Lightroom does recognize the Lens name, Aperture and Focal Length. Windows doesn’t read the Lens name though. Don’t know why yet.
Tried C1Pro on Mac, it didn’t care for my exif information. :( We’ll see…

The Camera Model will only be changed to “M8RAW Digital Camera” if you choose to embed the M9 color matrix. If you have problems importing the DNGs to your preferred converter, you better don’t use the -c switch.

I updated the windows droplet as the “start it without drag and drop” option didn’t work as intended.

Have fun playing with the new converter and don’t forget to report! ;)


by Arvid

V1.05 semi-release available for download

November 17, 2013 in Announcement by Arvid

Hello everyone,

I updated the tool to version 1.05. I noticed when loading the converted DNGs to Lightroom they were treated as normal M8 DNG files messing up the colors. Now the camera model in the exifs is changed to “M8RAW Digital Camera” which surprises Lightroom so that it uses the embedded color matrix.

Additionally I got hold of an M9 color matrix and thought it’d be interesting to embed those. You can try this yourself…

Linux version is fixed now, there have been problems first with the tar.gz file (now zip) and second with 32/64-bit version. So I will from now on publish both.

Have fun and don’t forget to tell me if it’s working!



PS: Those of you using the droplets: don’t forget to update the parameters if you want to use the new -c option!

by Arvid

Mac AppleScript droplet + Windows batch droplet available for download

November 15, 2013 in Announcement, Mac, Tutorials, Windows by Arvid

Hello Mac + Windows users,

Dirk (menos|m6) asked me to write an AppleScript to start the m8raw2dng command-line tool with drag and drop to ease the conversion. I created a solution (works for me, just try it) and it’s available for download now.

I liked his idea and being a PC user I created something similar for windows.

A short explanation can be found in the Information section…

I hope it works for you!