You can download the application here for Windows, Mac and Linux.


History of the version changes:

1.0initial release
1.05+ program version display in info screen
+ changed blacklevel estimation algorithm
+ exif Model changed to "M8RAW Digital Camera"
+ new parameter -c embeds M9 color matrix
1.1+ improved blacklevel estimation algorithm
+ fixed issue with magenta color in shadows
+ exif Model only changes to "M8RAW Digital Camera if M9 color matrix is embedded
+ new parameter -l for lens database functionality added
+ exif info extended
+ some bugfixes
1.2+ fixed blacklevel algorithm, colour shadows gone
+ sensor fix related parameter -s
+ darkfield correction of different sensor halves introduced
+ vertical bright lines fixed
+ processes also standard M8 DNG files to fix lens, exif + sensor issues
+ further bugfixes


Beta versions

Helper tools


Feel free to ask for help if you encounter any problems using the contact form provided.
Should you happen to find a bug, tell me as well. And I’m always open for suggestions concerning new features or changes in the existing application. So don’t hesitate, write me!