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Feature request
I'd like to see the following feature in the next release...


Choices explained

Correct Exif dataStandard M8 DNGs suffer from messed up Exif data, e.g. guessed aperture is not stored in a readable form, Lens name and manufacturer is not there...
My color profileThe original color conversion matrix is only stored in the DNG files of the M8. The Program would need access to one of your DNGs as dummy to extract those values and use them for future conversions.
Own lens profileYou're using a third party lens and want nice Exif information? Just code it with a 6-bit code of your choice and set up the lens data for that code.

You have a coded 35 Summicron (011110) and a Zeiss 35/2.0. Code the Zeiss (summicron 35 pre asph 000110) and the tool will combine that lens code with your supplied information. (e.g. focal length, available apertures, manufacturer...)

Lens profiles will be available for download.
Correct vignettingThis requires own lens profiles first.
Similar to cornerfix you can store vignetting and colorshift information additional to your lens profile. It will then be automatically corrected during conversion.
Linearize sensorThe sensor response of the M8 is not linear. That means twice the amount of light does not necessarily correspond to a twice as high value in the data. DNGs can be linearized by stretching the values accordingly. This gives a more neutral starting point for postprocessing.
GUIYou can't handle the command line tool, simple as it may be? :) Well, then a little GUI with path selector and some checkboxes is needed.

Better idea?

If you have an idea for a feature not listed above feel free to contact me using the contact form provided. If I think I can realize your idea I will add it to the feature request vote.