So you want to get uncompressed DNGs from your Leica M8 with full 14bit information? :)

  1. Be sure to make yourself familiar with the camera setup to enable your M8 to record the uncompressed data.
  2. Shoot some images. Different ISO, different exposures, different (coded) lenses, etc. To have something to play with.
  3. Download the application and the droplet for your operating system (OS). Have you ever used the terminal/console on your computer? If not, don’t be afraid, there’s no real need to do so… :)
  4. Follow the guide on tool + droplet installation and set everything up for your first tests…
  5. Before testing make yourself familiar with the tool parameters or options that m8raw2dng takes, so you can use it to the full extent.
  6. Run the conversion and enjoy the results!
  7. Report your findings, share the information and tell me what you like / don’t like. You can always contact me.


If you encounter problems, consult first the documentation and FAQ, but don’t hesitate to ask me for help!