Short introduction to usage and supported parameters

As of now the M8raw2dng tool is a command-line controlled executable. (Hint for Windows users: I recommend starting a command window and opening the tool from there otherwise Windows will just open a command window and immediately close it again after execution. You’ll not be able to see anything…)

A short explanation of the usage and the available parameters:
If you simply start the program it searches for any RAW+JPG pairs in the folder of the executable and converts them to DNG. If none are found it displays a simple help and information screen. The program can be controlled by handing over some options. The options are set via switches that consist of – (dash) and one or two letters (e.g. -v or -r or -sd…).

I highly recommend to use the droplets, though. Make yourself familiar at tool + droplet installation and have a look at the [[tutorial]].

Supported parameters

default value
-iinputpath to input folder or RAW filefolder of m8raw2dng executable
-ooutputpath to store created DNG filesinput folder
-vverboseoutput detailed informationdeactivated
-rrefreshoverwrite existing DNG in folderdeactivated
-b ##blacklevelset blacklevels to file, the number is optional, if omitted it'll use the default of 92.92
-ppreviewcreate 320x240 b/w preview image and store in DNGdeactivated
-ccolorembed M9 color matrix in DNG instead of M8 color matrix (not working with C1Pro!)deactivated
-l ######lenstake lens information (apertures, focal length, manufacturer, model) from lensdb.ini and add to exif, optional assign 6-bit code if it wasn't recordeddeactivated
-ssensorthe main switch for sensor fixes. Subswitches are -sd and -stdeactivated
-sdsensor - darkfieldcan only take one image, use a black image acquisition to define it for your cameradeactivated
-stsensor - testmodevertical lines will not be interpolated, but brightly coloureddeactivated

Further information

-b blacklevel setting to fix cyan or magenta shadows
-p preview image calculation and embedding
-l lens database for correct exif information and aperture values
-s sensor irregularities fixing, darkfield flattening, vertical lines removal


m8raw2dng -i I:\DCIM\100LEICAconverts all RAW+JPG pairs on SD card (in that case I:\ ) to DNG, previously created DNG files will be skipped.
m8raw2dng -i I:\DCIM\100LEICA -o C:\Picturessame as above but write the created DNG files to C:\Pictures
m8raw2dng -i I:\DCIM\100LEICA -v -r -bcreate the DNG files on SD card, replace existing DNGs, show additional information and set blacklevels.
m8raw2dng -i E:\rawfiles -o E:\DNGs -v -r -b 87 -pconvert RAW+JPG, show additional information, replace existing DNGs, set blacklevel to 87 (darks get less green) and preview image

Feel free to ask for help if you encounter any problems using the contact form provided.